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Hospice SLO County is a local 501c3, non-medical, volunteer hospice and community grief center providing support for SLO County residents experiencing the impact of a life limiting illness or grieving the death of a loved one.

Since 1977, Hospice SLO County has provided support through grief counseling, respite care, support groups, community outreach, education, and resources. As a volunteer hospice organization, all Hospice SLO County services are provided free of charge.

Your donations to our events can be tax-deductible; our Non-Profit Federal Tax I.D. No. is #95-3195126.

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The lantern symbolizes light as we are guided through life’s journey. We use the symbolism of the lantern to represent the light of the individuals who have been special in our lives. The illumination, warmth, and glow provided by the candles giving light to the lanterns symbolize the influence these individuals have had on who we are today.

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