Through regular and predictable donations, our sustaining donors are the pillars of Hospice SLO County’s impact, allowing our team to spend less time fundraising and more time helping people who are facing a life-limiting illness, end of life or grief.

Hospice SLO County’s GEM (Gives Every Month) Program enables monthly donors to have a collective impact that moves programs forward and allows the organization to be reactive and forward thinking.

Help grow the GEM program to 100 members strong!

That is a BIG GOAL, but a monthly gift of ANY AMOUNT qualifies you for our GEM (Gives Every Month) program!

The Legacy Society supports Hospice SLO County in a meaningful way.

  • They keep us thriving with their planned gifts
  • They take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits
  • They leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

A Lightkeeper is a person who cares for a lighthouse so that the lighthouse can be a reliable navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea.

Hospice SLO County’s Lightkeepers maintain our ability to reliably serve the community, free of charge, for years to come by making a donation of $5,000 or more.