Recent Hospice SLO County Blogs

When Laura's* mom, Roberta*, suffered a stroke, their lives changed in an instant. Roberta, who had lived independently for decades, could no longer return to her rural home after being discharged from the hospital. She moved in with Laura, and the family rallied around - but not everyone could keep their promises of support.

Charles* was once a prolific artist in his community. However, after being hit by COVID and other chronic health issues, he started to notice that important things in his life were slipping away, and he wasn't eating regularly.

Upon realizing his condition, his home health nurse referred him to Hospice SLO County. Our Volunteer Manager arranged a meeting with Charles and our Care Manager. After discussing his situation, Charles agreed that an in-home volunteer could help with essential tasks such as organizing, running errands, and meal preparation.

Paul* and Barb* were passionate travelers who were about to retire from their careers. However, Barb began noticing some changes in Paul's behavior. Paul started seeing things that weren't there and forgetting things he used to remember easily. As an avid carpenter, Paul's work started showing large gaps and uneven lines, which was unlike his usual perfectionist self. After a few months, Paul was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia by his neurologist. Barb had to take care of Paul all the time, as he would often wander around the neighborhood without letting her know. Traveling also became challenging for them, as the change in environment made things worse for Paul.