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June 24th, 2021

Listen to this interesting interview by Len Jarrott of Susan Olson, Director of Development and Shannon McOuat, Executive Director and Volunteer Director of Hospice of San Luis Obispo. They thoroughly explore the many free services their organization can provide to help one through the challenges of a life-limiting illness, end of life issues or your family and friend's grief.

This was recorded at the Monarch Radio Studios in Trilogy, Central Coast on May 21, 2021.

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Experiencing the death of someone in our life is unique for every one of us. We may say goodbye with love, regret, forgiveness, anger, or even humor. We may find ourselves touched or challenged in unexpected ways. We may have time to prepare with the dying person – or no time at all. And for some of us, we may find that saying goodbye is not one moment, but a process that continues after someone has died.

In recognition of Healthcare Decisions Day (Thursday, April 15), we invited the community to share their experiences with saying goodbye to a dying person in their life. Their words and perspective will help spread awareness about the importance of advance care planning and some of the many ways of saying goodbye in times of dying.

Please enjoy these submissions selected by the judges for their “relevance, thought, and heart.” For the first time, all 3 winning submissions are about the loss of a child.

By Anne Kellogg

By JoAnne Ottosen

By Nancy Vest

Thank you to our wonderful community for supporting a different type of Bingo Bonanza this year! 

Thank you to the Women’s Alliance of SLO for their commitment and ability to pivot and make the most out of a long standing, traditional event.

Thank you to our Sponsors for continuing to support a virtual event! 

You all made the online auction a big success! The amount raised was $11,702.00!

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Jeff owned a collection of surfboards and was often seen shredding the waves at Morro Rock with his son. Jeff also had a passion for mountain biking and chugged up sharp, steep trails like a locomotive. Jeff relished weeklong ski trips to Mammoth with his wife and children. Jeff was revered as a construction manager and was described by his peers as a robust, beautiful, and gracious man. Then catastrophe struck...

Roger is a Veteran who also worked in law enforcement. An injury on the job set him up for a life of chronic pain and a series of life-limiting illnesses, including kidney failure. His wife Andrea has been caring for him by herself but began to feel exhausted with little time to run errands, get her hair cut, or even attend to her own medical needs...

You hear Thank you for your support a lot from non-profits. But who you are supporting is not always clear. Every client at Hospice SLO County has a story. Here is a story that has touched our hearts...