Statement on Inclusivity, Equity, and Diversity

Hospice of San Luis Obispo County is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, equity, and diversity in all of our efforts. These values are integral to the support services we provide to the community around chronic illness, dying and grieving. We understand that death and grief are a natural part of the human experience, regardless of anyone’s race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, citizenship, national origin, religion, language, intellectual or physical capacity, professional status, background, or beliefs. It is from this understanding that we empower our staff, volunteers, and affiliates to be indiscriminately supportive of any and all members of our community who are facing a life limiting illness, caring for a loved one, or experiencing grief.

Empathy, advocacy, and compassion are at the core of HSLO’s existence as an organization and community resource. We promote an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. We actively cultivate diversity among our dedicated staff and growing family of hospice volunteers, and value an educational environment that challenges all forms of bias, including both intentional and unintentional bias. HSLO is dedicated to a path of learning about and confronting implicit bias, privilege, and systemic oppression, and is committed to striving towards social justice and inclusivity as an organization.

We aim to equitably and impartially support the community in working with those near the end of life and the people who love them by providing in-home support, caregiver respite, grief counseling, support groups, community response, and education. By offering all of our services free of charge and not billing third party providers, we aim to be as inclusive as possible to all those members of the community who wish to avail of our support. As a volunteer non-medical hospice, we are able to provide support to those members of the community who may not qualify for or have the means to access medical hospice, respite, counseling, or care services from other agencies. We believe that the end of life deserves respect, and that everyone is worthy of access to support through life limiting illness, dying, and grief.