Wildflower Triathlon Group raises funds for Hospice SLO County

May 6th, 2018

When Dennis Meffert, a local law student, and his friends signed up for the Wildflower Triathlon, they saw an opportunity to fundraise for a good cause.

After a discussion with a volunteer from Hospice SLO County, Dennis decided to use the triathlon to fundraise for the volunteer hospice organization.  He printed sponsor forms, asking friends and family members to donate a specified amount if his group completed the course. His friends, Anna Corwin, Tyler Ikeda, Benji Loomis, Kayla Loomis, Bonnie Shiffrar, Mike Shiffrar, Kenan Martin, Coree Oreizi and Darya Oreizi, encouraged their own loved ones to sponsor them. People were asked to pledge as much or as little as they could afford – and it all added up.

On May 6th, Dennis and his friends successfully took part in the Wildflower Triathlon and together raised $1,250 for Hospice SLO County. This amount far exceeded Dennis and his friends’ expectations. In June, they were proud to presenst Hospice SLO County with their generous donation.

For Dennis and his friends, the Wildflower Triathlon was a fantastic weekend made all the more special by their commitment to raise money for a wonderful organization. These young people proved that every donation, no matter how small, truly makes a difference.      

Written by Theresa Ford              
Hospice SLO County Volunteer