The continual wave of people dedicating their time to train and volunteer as in-home volunteers is a testament to the heart of SLO County. Their compassion has helped thousands of clients, including those like Bob and Sylvia.

“Hospice SLO County stepped in to help me when my wife Sylvia was living with dementia. She was at the point where I could not leave her alone. Our in-home volunteer stayed with my wife while I stepped out to run errands, see my doctor, and take much-needed respite breaks. I could not go on by myself, but insurance did not cover caregivers, and I did not have the means to hire help. Thankfully, Hospice SLO County’s services were free of charge or my health would have been at risk,” Bob explains.

When Sylvia died, Bob went into grief counseling through Hospice SLO County’s bereavement program. This one-on-one support was crucial for Bob’s mental and emotional health. Eventually, he joined the weekly Loss of Spouse or Partner support group. “Everyone in my support group understands my pain,” Bob reflects. “We talk about our sorrow, regrets, guilt, and even our happy moments.”