Client Reflection by Our Client

My experience with Hospice SLO has been multi-faceted and in all ways extremely positive. I first walked in the front door to attend the Grief Group that meets on Thursday mornings. Any apprehension was relieved by the greeters at the front desk, the welcome I received from group leaders and those attending the group who like myself had lost their spouses. I introduced myself by giving my name and saying that I could not and would not talk that day. But...before long, listening to the stories of others in the room, I realized that here I was safe. Grief is such a personal thing and a universal thing at the same time. Something I had found well-meaning friends at home could not entirely grasp. But here, at Hospice SLO, the playing field was leveled. I COULD TALK ABOUT THE LOSS OF MY SPOUSE, MY BEST FRIEND, MY CHOSEN LIFE PARTNER, AND CRY, knowing that my inner pain was understood and accepted.  We all shared a common loss.

As I became more comfortable with Hospice SLO and more healed myself, I found myself looking for other ways to participate. I took the Volunteer Training Program and learned so much there. I knew I was not ready yet to go out into the community to support those folks approaching their own "End of Life." I had been with my spouse throughout her journey and felt I was still too close to her struggles for me to be able to support someone else on this important journey. 

I signed up for a Reiki session and met Karen Rogers. When I heard that she was going to teach a ”Reiki 1” course I signed on. Here I realized that someday I might be able to offer the relief Reiki can provide to those patients Hospice supports on their journey towards the end of life. I think I will know when that time comes.

And Drumming. YES Drumming at the monthly Heart Rhythms Drum Circle. I was able to realize that the beating of my hands is somehow connected to the beating of my heart. And my heart itself is "a drum". May it continue to beat for a long time to come.  

Thanks to "The Volunteer Hospice" of San Luis Obispo County, I have experienced both healing and growth. Thank you for being here and please don't go away.