Managing Corona Virus (COVID 19) Anxiety

“Fear is a real thing, but it has no power over us except what we give it.”  – Joyce Meyer

It is obvious that anxiety and panic have taken over the world in light of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here is a list of suggestions to help yourself cope with and manage your own anxiety:

Recognize how you “catastrophize.”

In other words, when you worry about the Corona virus, your mind is playing a game with you by using your imagination (pretending) that the worst-case scenario is a reality. This tendency is the process which steals your peace of mind.  Read more and find out how to “call out” your brain on what it’s doing. 

Deep Breathing

Always remember that the best thing to do when you ever feel anxious is to take a long, slow, deep breath.   Even one deep breath helps a person relax and feel better. It helps calm your amygdala and think more clearly. Click here for breathing exercises:

Learn how to cope during social isolation

Spending days or weeks at home with limited stimulation and social contact can take a toll on mental health.  Here is a summary of research on social distancing, quarantine and isolation, as well as recommendations on how people can cope if asked to take such measures.