Coping Strategies for Social Isolation

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Coping strategies include keeping oneself connected to other people, while adjusting this interaction to minimize risk. Staying connected can be tough during this time of social distancing, but it isn’t impossible. Remind those in your life you’re thinking of them—send an e-card!

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Eat healthy and drink plenty of water

Let your pantry be an ally, not an adversary. As most of the country (and the world) hurtles into an open-ended work-from-home situation, which will be ripe with insecurity, cabin fever and worries about family (whether far away, or suddenly sharing cramped quarters again), thoughtful eating is the best defense against insurmountable stress and bad sleep.

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Have a hardy immune system

Staying healthy while you are isolated makes it easier to cope.  Get rid of these 7 bad habits that may put you at risk for infection. With the coronavirus surging and cold and flu season still in full swing, having a hardy immune system is more vital than ever. But it turns out, some everyday habits might be putting you at greater risk of infection.

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Establish a structured approach to working from home

You, too, may soon be working from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (tens of thousands of people already are). To manage the weeks ahead, you and your family will need to take a structured approach. Here’s how.

Fight Germs! Clean and Sanitize All Your Devices

All your devices are in need of a serious deep clean, pandemic or not. And those phones, laptops, controllers and remotes need to stay clean — which means now is a good time to pick up daily tech hygiene habits that’ll last a lifetime. Here’s how: