Hospice SLO County Announcements

Thank you to our wonderful community for supporting a different type of Bingo Bonanza this year! 

Thank you to the Women’s Alliance of SLO for their commitment and ability to pivot and make the most out of a long standing, traditional event.

Thank you to our Sponsors for continuing to support a virtual event! 

You all made the online auction a big success! The amount raised was $11,702.00!

Thank you to Bob Shanbrom for introducing Hospice SLO County to Paul Denniston, the creator of Grief Yoga ®.

If we are alive, we experience loss. When we are suffering, feeling grief is our response. Losing someone or something we cared about brings about grief in our mind and spirit. When it is not expressed, sadness and anger can get stuck in our body because the body remembers.

As challenging as it is to deal with such suffering, the grief is actually incredible self-knowledge that can be used as fuel to open ourselves up to more love. Grief Yoga combines many forms of yoga to help release grief and to connect us to the gift of life.

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In recognition of Healthcare Decisions Day (Thursday, April 16), we invited the community to share their experiences with saying goodbye to a dying person in their life. Their words and perspective will help spread awareness about the importance of advance care planning and some of the many ways of saying goodbye in times of dying.

Please enjoy these submissions selected by the judges for their “relevance, thought, heart and importance in being shared during this time of COVID-19.”

By Ted Siegler

By Judith Bernstein

By Jo Anne Ottosen

By Jill Landry

Volunteer Director Shannon McOuat said, “Although I believe she has received this recognition in the past, it was not under my watch and I believe wholeheartedly that she deserves this recognition time and time again. Over the last two years I have seen Karen stretch to new depths of compassion, commitment and understanding. She has taught me a great deal about what it means to support people at the end of life and to sit in discomfort and hold space for people without judgement. She gives freely of herself in her volunteerism while simultaneously replenishes herself and others around her”.

January 19, 2020

Hospice SLO County received $10,000 from a benefit concert featuring Patrick O’Hara’s band Young Ireland on January 19, 2020 at Hospice SLO headquarters in downtown SLO. Young Ireland, made up of father and son duo, Patrick and Michael O’Hara, along with special guests Colm O’Hara, Tom O'Hara & Naomi Davis entertained the audience with traditional Irish, American, and Mexican Folk songs and poetry. Guests were invited to make donations and 100% of the proceeds were given to Hospice SLO County. The concert was underwritten in part by Wacker Wealth Partners.


In recognition of Healthcare Decisions Day (Tuesday, April 16), Hospice SLO County invited community members to share their experiences with saying goodbye to a dying person in their life. Please know that these words, art and perspective will help spread awareness about the importance of advance care planning and some of the many ways of saying goodbye in times of dying.

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who shared their heartfelt work. Our committee was truly moved and inspired by your artwork, poetry and essays.

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November 15, 2018

Elizabeth Denny and The Positive Change Movement generously donated a series of beautiful homemade blankets to Hospice SLO County clients who are coping with a life-limiting illness. These blankets will be given to clients who are receiving In-Home or End-of-Life Doula Support. In fall, Elizabeth reached out to Hospice SLO County about coordinating the project after reading about how soft blankets could bring comfort to those who are facing a life-threatening illness. When she shared the idea on her Facebook page, The Positive Change Movement, she found several volunteers who wanted to help make blankets. Hospice SLO County staff was moved by the generosity of this group of crafty volunteers.

November 13, 2018

Each month, St. Barnabas Thrift Shop gives a percentage of its income to a non-profit charitable organization in our community. In October, the thrift shop generously selected Hospice SLO as their charity of the month. On November 13th, St. Barnabas Thrift Shop volunteers presented our staff with a check of $1,345.11. This generous donation will be used to support our services for individuals and families who are facing a life-limiting illness, end of life or grief.

September 8, 2018

This year SLO County Golden Retrievers donated $1,500 to the Hospice SLO County’s Pet Peace of Mind Program. The mission of the Pet Peace of Mind Program is to enhance and preserve the human-animal bond by ensuring individuals with life-limiting illnesses are able to remain with their animal companions throughout their end-of-life journey.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hospice SLO County invited our volunteers to attend a special Volunteer Appreciation Backyard BBQ on Thursday, May 31st in the parking lot of our San Luis Obispo office. Our staff grilled and treated volunteers to hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers, along with sides, salads and homemade apple pie. Volunteers from all parts of the agency were celebrated and given the opportunity to connect with each other.

Submissions are now closed. We are proud to announce our Featured Entrants!

In recognition of Healthcare Decisions Day How do you say goodbye…? Experiencing the death of someone in our life is unique for every one of us. We may say goodbye with love, regret, forgiveness, anger, or even humor. We may find ourselves touched or challenged in unexpected ways. We may have time to prepare with the dying person – or no time at all. And for some of us, we may find that saying goodbye is not one moment, but a process that continues after someone has died.

Please Click Here to View Our Featured Entrants

May 15th, 2018

In recognition of National Volunteer Month (April), hospice volunteers from agencies Hospice of San Luis Obispo County (Hospice SLO County), Wilshire Hospice and Central Coast Hospice were invited to a private screening of the documentary Lives Well Lived. This screening was made possible by these three hospice organizations and the Palm Theatre, as well as the generous support of the filmmaker of the documentary, Sky Bergman.

May 6th, 2018

When Dennis Meffert, a local law student, and his friends signed up for the Wildflower Triathlon, they saw an opportunity to fundraise for a good cause.

After a discussion with a volunteer from Hospice SLO County, Dennis decided to use the triathlon to fundraise for the volunteer hospice organization.  He printed sponsor forms, asking friends and family members to donate a specified amount if his group completed the course. His friends, Anna Corwin, Tyler Ikeda, Benji Loomis, Kayla Loomis, Bonnie Shiffrar, Mike Shiffrar, Kenan Martin, Coree Oreizi and Darya Oreizi, encouraged their own loved ones to sponsor them. People were asked to pledge as much or as little as they could afford – and it all added up.

On May 6th, Dennis and his friends successfully took part in the Wildflower Triathlon and together raised $1,250 for Hospice SLO County. This amount far exceeded Dennis and his friends’ expectations. In June, they were proud to presenst Hospice SLO County with their generous donation.

For Dennis and his friends, the Wildflower Triathlon was a fantastic weekend made all the more special by their commitment to raise money for a wonderful organization. These young people proved that every donation, no matter how small, truly makes a difference.      

Written by Theresa Ford              
Hospice SLO County Volunteer